Season 1,

Episode #2 – Meaning in Music

June 09, 2016

There’s just something about music that has the ability to form new connections, and even communities. Music shapes us. This week Mike’s buddy, Hebb, stops by and we talk about that. We also go through Hebb’s top 5 songs, and the role they played in shaping who he is.

Rapper KRUM also joins us via Skype! We’re really excited to have such a big name join us in Episode #2. KRUM has a new project that’s just been released called, Bare Knuckle Gospel. Best of all? It’s free! You can download the entire album here. Be sure to show KRUM some love, and thank him for joining us on The Phoenix Freq.


Thousand Foot Krutch – Running With Giants

P.O.D. – Alive

August Burns Red – Pangea

Underoath – The 80s Song

Maylene & The Sons of Disaster – Darkest of Kin

Vesperteen – Shatter in the Night

The Journalist – Nowhere Road

Means – Connected

MXPX – I’m OK, You’re OK

The Orphan, The Poet – Terrible Things

The Journalist – Ill World

Krum – Suitcases & Passports

Comeback Kid – Die Tonight


The Eliminator

The first ever Eliminator results are in! Danger Scene & Odds of an Afterthought have been voted off, and NF & Attalus make their debut on the top 6. Lecrae also snuck past Red to take over #1, and Emery hung on but just barely. Here’s how this week’s Eliminator shapes up:

#6 NF – I Just Wanna Know

#5 Attalus – This Ship is Going Down

#4 Emery – Taken for a Bath

#3 Disciple – Sayonara

#2 Red – Take Me Over

#1 Lecrae – All I Need is You

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