Season 1,

Episode #1 – New Beginnings & Second Chances

June 02, 2016

Welcome to The Phoenix Frequency’s first episode. This one’s all about new beginnings and second chances … kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A phoenix “obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor,” and, so, here we are!

In this episode we talk with rapper Scribe about his latest project, and the greatest new beginning he was ever given. Scribe has a new project in the works, called Key to the City, and is raising support through Go Fund Me. Check it out!


The Classic Crime – You & Me Both

Abandon – S.O.S.

Paper Route – Laugh About It

NF – I Just Wanna Know

Scribe – Deeper Water

The Ongoing Concept – Cover Girl

Pillar – Lion Leads The Way

Decyfer Down – Nothing More

Attalus – This Ship Is Going Down

Thrice – Black Honey

The Eliminator

#6  Odds Of An Afterthought – Fading Fast

#5  Danger Scene – I Wanna Be Famous

#4  Disciple – Sayonara

#3  Emery – Taken For A Bath

#2  Lecrae – All I Need Is You

#1  Red – Take Me Over

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