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Episode #3 – Know Your Roots & Keep It Riel

June 16, 2016

Last week we enjoyed doing a bit of a trip down memory lane with my buddy Hebb. We talked about the music that he grew up with and how it shaped him & his friends. That got me thinking about the music of the generations before us, and how it not only shaped others, but how it shaped the music we have today. So in Episode #3 we take a mini history lesson in Christian rock & hip hop. We still play today’s best music, but we also take a look back and see how today’s music came to be.

Daniel Biro from Hawk Nelson joins us in the 2nd half of the show, too! We talk about their latest album, summer tour plans, a little bit about Dan’s favourite music growing up and his roots, as well as a little Manitoba history for good measure.

Also, this week, we announce our new Patreon campaign. This is a great way to not only help keep this show going, but get some cool rewards, too. Check it out!


Skillet – Feel Invincible

The Ongoing Concept – Unwanted

Danger Scene – I Wanna be Famous

Resurrection Band – Awaiting Your Reply

Messiah Prophet – Master of the Metal

Stryper – To Hell With the Devil

Thousand Foot Krutch – A Different Kind of Dynamite

The Classic Crime – Abracadavers

MC Sweet – Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)

Stephen Wiley – Bible Break

dc Talk – Jesus Freak

Playdough – Ya Heard

Kevmo – For a Minute

Mat Kearney – Billion

Thrice – Black Honey

Dogwood – Building a Better Me

Stretch Armstrong – Still Believe

Hawk Nelson – Long & Lonely Road

The Eliminator

It was a crazy week on the Eliminator. NF debuted on the list at #6 and immediately took a commanding lead. He would close out the week by securing #1 and dumping Lecrae down to #2. Red fell all the way to #4, just barely hanging on, while Emery climbed up to #3. Hawk Nelson & Skillet both make their debut on The Eliminator this week. Make sure to vote for your favourite!

#6 Hawk Nelson – Diamonds

#5 Skillet – Feel Invincible

#4 Red – Take Me Over

#3 Emery – Taken for a Bath

#2 Lecrae – All I Need is You

#1 NF – I Just Wanna Know

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